EDIT 26-12-2018: the updated version is now live on itch.io as well

EDIT: after receiving feedback of the game being too difficult, we made a modified (and hopefully easier :) ) version, published at: https://michelebucelli.github.io/monsterpong/

MonsterPong is our entry to the GitHub Game Off 2018 game jam, themed HYBRID.

Play a pong/breakout game against cute-looking pixellated monsters, and cruelly steal their body parts once they are defeated.


Send balls to the other side to make your opponent lose a life. When he is dead, you can choose one of its body parts and take it for yourself.

Body parts affect your statistics:

  • attack (atk) : the number of balls you start with
  • defense (def) : the level of the bricks protecting your side
  • health points (hp) : the number of maximum hearts (you recover 1HP each time you defeat a monster)
  • arrow keys to move your paddle
  • spacebar to launch the balls

The game concept, code, graphics and music were made by Michele "Buch" Bucelli (https://github.com/michelebucelli) and Andrea Di Primio.

TagsBreakout, Monsters, Pixel Art, pong
Average sessionA few minutes


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